You need a reliable, fast and easy to maintain plotter that can work 24/7 without causing any problems. You need a plotter on a reasonable price with low running costs of plotting and maintenance. You are wellcome to the PlotterTradeā€™sĀ  land

With the range of various speed of the offered products /40 – 240 square meters per hour/ and different printing width /from 165 to 240 cm/ our consultunts will advice and offer to you the best possible choice

Newest offer – buy a SAFETY PACK. For every new SinaJet plotter you can buy a three /3/ years extended warranty. This warranty covers all the parts in the plotter, except the consumables. This Safety Pack guarantees that all the needed parts will be available in our /or your disposal/ and gives you the oportunity to react in the minimal time, providing you minimal or no production delays due to plotter problems. The price of the pack starts from 500 Euro.